Mary Thomas Foundation

                                               "For Lifting Souls"

Mother Mary Ann Thomas

was one of the most magnificent and loving human beings I have ever known. She would always uplift your soul, listen to your problems, and give her advice to the best of her knowledge; this foundation is named after her — not to praise her but to keep her legacy alive. We strive to continue to uplift souls for the glory of God and the memory of my Mom.

Leon Thomas - Founder / CEO About 20 years ago, I went through depression, just looking at this picture you would have never thought to yourself that I experienced depression, yes I was so depressed that I anticipated taking my own life on three different occasions in a year, some people who are reading this would never understand but someone out there do , How could a person get so depressed, that they would give of their will to live has no meaning , trust me we have all got to this point in our lives of feeling down ,but it’s what decisions you make when that feeling comes into your soul. There are many questions on how an individual search in their souls to find out what is causing their pain. The Mary Foundation for Lifting Souls is established just for this reason we believe there is sunshine at the end of the road the foundation was developed to show love on helping other like the homelessness, children , elderly ,and much more we are people who care about you on this website you will see things that we are doing to show love yes we care about you just check out what we are doing to keep love in the world. Although we are a foundation that strongly believe in helping those in need. We cannot be held accountable for other mishaps that their situations may cause.

Here are some Bad Tool’s people use to cope with depression.

It is always a light at the end of the Tunnel drugs are a cover up tool, to deal with the pain, I have never use drugs before I just kept the pain inside of me without talking to anyone about what was causing me to feel this way about life, crazy right, certainly not. Drugs will lead you to believe that everything is going to be alright for the moment, but as we here at Mary’s Foundation for Lifting Souls learned over the years, is that expressing your feelings by talking to others that have been where you are, is so much rewarding because you are able to see much clearer when others can relate to you.

There Is a saying you can lead a horse to the water but it’s up to the horse to drink it.


So what does this mean , it start with you first  people can lead you to the water but you have to search within your soul and pull it out of yourself to drink the water of life.



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