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                                               "For Lifting Souls"

Mother Mary Ann Thomas

was one of the most magnificent and loving human beings I have ever known. She would always uplift your soul, listen to your problems, and give her advice to the best of her knowledge; this foundation is named after her — not to praise her but to keep her legacy alive. We strive to continue to uplift souls for the glory of God and the memory of my Mom.

[Pastor Thomas - Founder / CEO: Pastor Leon Thomas established and was the first Pastor of St. Thomas Church and its Outreach Ministries. Pastor Thomas has had firsthand experience in being ministered to. There was a period in his life when he battled with depression. Through the power of God and the advice of good doctors he prevailed against that disease. It was from that experience he felt God’s call to help others and founded the church and its outreach ministries. While ministering many questions arose as to what were the root cause for feeling and being marginalized. There are many reasons but Pastor Thomas believed that any person who is suffering needs help but in receiving help must take responsibility for their lives. The Marys Foundation was established just for this reason. Pastor Thomas believes that it is both our Christian duty as well as our humanness to provide a ray of hope and helping hand to the homelessness, children in need , the elderly or to people whom simply want to smile again.

Here are some Bad Tool’s people use to cope with depression.

It is always a light at the end of the Tunnel drugs are a cover up tool, to deal with the pain, I have never use drugs before I just kept the pain inside of me without talking to anyone about what was causing me to feel this way about life, crazy right, certainly not. Drugs will lead you to believe that everything is going to be alright for the moment, but as we here at Mary’s Foundation for Lifting Souls learned over the years, is that expressing your feelings by talking to others that have been where you are, is so much rewarding because you are able to see much clearer when others can relate to you.

There Is a saying you can lead a horse to the water but it’s up to the horse to drink it.


So what does this mean , it start with you first  people can lead you to the water but you have to search within your soul and pull it out of yourself to drink the water of life.



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