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About 20 years ago, I went through depression; just looking at my picture you would have never thought to yourself that I experienced depression. Yes, I was so depressed that I anticipated taking my own life on three different occasions in a single year. Some people who are reading this would never understand, but others out there do. How could a person get so depressed, that they would give up their will to live? How could a person feel so down that their life has no meaning? Trust me, many of us have all gotten to a point in our lives where we felt worthless and depressed as I did. But it’s the decisions you make when those thoughts and feeling comes into your soul that are important to your future well being. I had many questions,

but few answers as to how to search within my soul to find out what was causing my pain.


The Mary's Foundation For Lifting Souls was established just for that reason, for you to have a place to Blog on and talk about what’s on your mind. We believe that everyone can and will at some point experience different challenges and go through difficulties that will bring them to think that their reason for living is in vain.


We are here to help by providing feedback, physical, and spiritual advice, from individuals that have experienced the same challenges as you are facing. We, at the foundation, will provide our advice when requested to help you with your difficulties such as the death of a loved one for example. Also, there may be times that a listening ear would be just what you need to get you through a particular circumstance -- guess what we are here for you. Never hesitate to reach out to us because our team members are always available to assist you at no cost.


Leon Thomas Founder/CEO


Your Donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated and it will help us to

Uplift more Souls. Thank you!

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